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3 Reasons to Try Ice Fishing at Night

Lately, the query got here up, “Are you able to ice fish at evening?” Ice fishing at evening is definitely a chance, so long as you are taking the entire crucial ice fishing security precautions, plus a couple of extra. Listed below are a couple of the explanation why you may need to give this a attempt.

Much less fishing strain

Most anglers are energetic throughout the day, so fishing at evening will imply fewer anglers hovering over that scorching brush pile or creek channel. The decreased the variety of anglers crunching throughout the ice and the potential fish disturbance received’t harm both. One of many suggestions for ice fishing at evening is that fish could also be shallower than you assume. However this leads me to an vital security facet concerning how one can ice fish at evening: by no means fish alone. If something goes incorrect with this situation, hypothermia is nothing to sneeze at.

Fish exercise

A number of fish species are recognized to be extra actively feeding at evening comparable to catfish, walleye, and burbot. Ice fishing for crappie at evening may imply a rise in motion too and conventional strategies of evening fishing can be utilized the place a particular mild is lowered into the water to draw bait fish, which in flip, attracts crappie. Sufficient crappie or yellow perch exercise may imply you may now be ice fishing for pike at evening, so hold some wire leaders readily available.

New expertise

It appears the extent of enjoyable will increase every time a flashlight is concerned. Contemplate investing in a head lamp or clip on kind so that you could hold palms free, even when simply to shove deep into your pockets. Each noise appears bigger at evening too and what could possibly be lurking under, slightly extra mysterious.

Ice fishing at evening may not even be deliberate. The times are brief and chances are you’ll be sitting in a darkish shanty, and with the fish nonetheless biting, uncover the hour later than you thought. Ice fishing sort out typically contains glow at the hours of darkness lures. With a snow coated lid of ice, most fish are caught in darkness anyway so the largest challenge concerning how one can ice fish at evening is the additional consideration to security particulars comparable to “the buddy system,” lights, and a cellular phone.

Andy Whitcomb

Andy is an outside author ( and stressed-out Dad has contributed over 380 blogs to since 2011. Born in Florida, however raised on banks of Oklahoma farm ponds, he now chases pike, smallmouth bass, and steelhead in Pennsylvania. After incomes a B.S. in Zoology from OSU, he labored in fish hatcheries and as a fisheries analysis technician at OSU, Iowa State, and Michigan State.

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