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5 Easy Ways to Avoid Snagging Your Fishing Lures – Wired2Fish

I’m personally a giant fan of braided line. There are occasions, nonetheless, when it may be an actual ache and it’s maybe higher for some anglers to easily keep away from utilizing braid altogether due to its pitfalls. Braided line tends to dig into no matter it’s being dragged throughout. When fishing braid versus fluorocarbon throughout a tree for example, it’s extra prone to lower into the tree after which cling your bait up because it approaches.

The identical factor occurs with vegetation, although braid is nearly a necessity in these conditions. In case your braid begins to chop into vegetation, you possibly can sometimes snatch it out and lower during no matter cowl you’re fishing.

I do bear in mind one distinctive scenario once I was masking a match down in Florida years in the past. The angler was truly punching with super-heavy monofilament, as a result of the gator grass was too powerful for his braid to chop by. When he tried the braid, his line would dig into the gator grass throughout the struggle and a fish would come off. The monofilament, nonetheless, wouldn’t dig in in any respect and he was in a position to put extra fish within the boat. However I stress this was the exception. Keep away from braid the place you possibly can round wooden and docks, however for vegetation it’s often a good suggestion.

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