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A Guide to Weights and Sinkers for Bass Fishing

In fishing, the phrases “weight” and “sinker” primarily imply the identical factor and seek advice from a bit of metallic that’s used to sink a lure or bait to some degree within the water. Linked to the fishing line, weights and sinkers should not lures of and by themselves. They’re made in lots of styles and sizes, and have numerous purposes. Weights and sinkers for bass fishing are in some instances completely utilized in fishing for bass, however typically are relevant in fishing for different species, significantly in freshwater.

Typically, sinkers for bass fishing are comparatively gentle in weight, and small. As a rule, it’s finest to make use of the lightest weight that can successfully swimsuit the depth you’re fishing, and the presentation getting used.


Most sinkers are comprised of lead. Bans exist in just a few locations in North America on the sale and/or use of lead weights of a sure dimension, which has result in the event and use of non-toxic substitutes, together with brass, metal, tin, and tungsten, which have barely totally different attributes. However, weights and sinkers manufactured from lead make up an awesome share of the sinkers for bass fishing.

Forms of Sinkers

Bass fishing weights are available two primary variations, mounted or free-sliding. Alternative is dependent upon fishing situations, together with the species you search, the depth to be fished, and such components as present and wave motion.



Mounted variations connect on to a fishing line or chief by being pinched, twisted, or tied. They transfer at any time when the bait or lure strikes, and likewise when a fish takes the bait or lure. Mounted sinkers embody break up shot, that are small pinch-on spheres and essentially the most outstanding mounted sinker; rubber core sinkers; and clinch-on variations. Mounted sinkers utilized in trolling embody torpedo, bead chain, keel, and planing fashions, though such sinkers are much less regularly utilized in bass fishing, as few bass anglers troll.



Free-sliding, or slip, sinkers trip alongside the road. They’re used primarily with bait and permit the road to maneuver when a fish takes the bait with out shifting the sinker, which supplies much less resistance than a set sinker. Sliding or slip sinkers embody ball, egg or barrel, cone or bullet, and a few bottom-walking variations.


Bass fishing weights are sometimes referred to by a particular software or related to sure freshwater fishing rigs.


  • The foremost of those is a Texas rig, that includes a soft-plastic worm with the hook buried within the worm physique (“snagless”) and a sliding sinker on the road forward of the worm. The sinker is primarily cone- or bullet-shaped and is broadly known as a “worm weight.”
  • Cylindrical sliding sinkers could also be used for Carolina rigs, that are one other kind of bottom- and cover-probing setup for bass fishing wherein the sinker slides on the principle line forward of a swivel and a following chief hooked up to a lure.
  • There’s a wide range of bottom-walking (or bottom-bouncing) sinkers utilized in bass fishing as effectively. These are mounted to the principle line and sport a pacesetter operating to a following lure or bait.
  • For a vertical presentation, a drop shot or drop weight could also be used. This weight is mounted to the principle line beneath a suspended lure. This setup known as a drop-shot rig.
  • Generally a bit of clamp-on lead is used so as to add weight to a hook used with plastic worms or tender jerkbaits.
  • Small lead weights, akin to a nail, could also be used so as to add weight to a worm or jerkbait additionally, being inserted into the physique of the lure.


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