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Crankbaits in Grass for Bass | 2 Tips to Dominate

Fishing crankbaits round grass is an efficient technique to find and set off bass, however there are some tips to doing it accurately. Mark Daniels Jr. explains how lure design impacts efficiency round grass and what to search for in a bait. The opposite half of the equation is rod energy. Daniels explains how rising your rod energy improves efficiency over the standard medium energy rod with a parabolic bend.


No totally different than laborious cowl deflections, crankbait deflections from grass happen by ticking or ripping, and it’s efficient with the appropriate gear. Probably the most vital issue is choosing a crankbait with the road tie embedded within the invoice – this permits the bait to self-clear and clear whenever you rip the rod tip. A stiffer rod enables you to pull the bait with speedy suggestions, which prevents getting slowed down within the grass.

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