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Cranking Riprap for Cold Water Bass

Alabama native Braxton Setzer explains why riprap is likely one of the finest habitat sorts for bass all through the cold-water interval (fall, winter, and spring) and how one can dissect riprap with mid-depth crankbaits to search out fish and set off bites.

Riprap absorbs warmth, thus warming the water round it. The hotter water attracts in baitfish and bass, however expanses of riprap could be difficult to dissect. Mid-depth crankbaits (6- to 8-feet) are among the many finest instruments for sustaining backside contact with riprap and producing response strikes. Understanding what’s on the underside and associating it to bites helps you discover productive stretches in much less time.


Decelerate and downsize — mantras to stay by within the late fall and winter. Setzer prefers beginning his day with a average retrieve velocity, which in his opinion is finest achieved with sluggish to mid-speed reels. Regarding measurement, small baitfish are extra prevalent in winter, so crankbaits with small to mid-sized our bodies get the nod.

Lastly, Setzer explains why he prefers cranking with a medium-heavy energy rod with a quick taper over the extra typical medium energy keep on with a average taper. Per regular, a high quality 10- to 12-pound fluorocarbon important line supplies the correct mix of depth management and power.

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