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Drop shot rigs on fly gear

Many of the greatest fly fishermen I do know began off on conventional deal with, and lots of nonetheless look to their outdated gear for inspiration when placing collectively an answer to a fishy drawback.

Flies tied to look and act like lures, customized rigs, and purpose-built leaders are commonplace in a fly fishing tradition that’s steadily shifting away from its tweed-clad roots. Considered one of my favourite nuggets of knowledge tailored from outdoors of the fly fishing world is the drop shot rig.

Bass fisherman have been efficiently jigging smooth plastics on drop shot rigs for many years. Rigged for the fly rod, drop shotting works nice for concentrating on trout and salmon in water that’s too deep and quick for even the heaviest nymphs.

A drop shot rig merely suspends your fly within the water column above a weight. This rig means that you can get deep shortly and fine-tune the depth of your fly till you begin getting hits. Just like varied contact nymphing strategies, feeling the burden bounce and drag on the underside offers a relentless level of reference and enormously will increase strike detection.

Listed below are just a few drop shot builds and how you can fish them.


Conventional Dropper Rig

  1. Line up a 8-12 inch size of tippet materials parallel to the tip of your chief and tie them collectively utilizing a triple surgeon’s knot on the high of the 2 items.
  2. Lower off the highest tag-end and shorten the fly-dropper by just a few inches.
  3. Tie a stop-knot to the underside of the chief with a number of overhand knots.
  4. Tie your fly to the dropper, and pinch your cut up shot above the stop-knot.

You possibly can set the depth of your fly by the space between your drop shot and fly dropper, however ensure the size of your fly-dropper is shorter than your drop shot, or anticipate to get tangled. The fly ought to stream alongside on the decided depth because the rig is dragged alongside by the present.If you wish to change the depth of the rig, you’ll must both retie it with an extended or shorter drop shot part, or use an adjustable dropper.

Adjustable Dropper Rig

Adjustable droppers are superior for shortly altering fly depth, however be sure you tie a beefy cease knot — it is the one factor conserving the dropper from sliding off.

  1. Tie a stop-knot on the finish of your chief.
  2. Tie a triple-surgeon’s or perfection loop at one finish of your fly-dropper.
  3. Lay the chief over high of your dropper perpendicularly, and pull the fly-end of the dropper by means of the loop across the chief.
  4. Loosen and slide the dropper-loop up or down to regulate.

Ok.I.S.S Dropper Rig
Whenever you’re having a type of days the place you appear to get caught after each different drift, hold it easy to attenuate downtime between frequent re-riggings.

  1. Use an unweighted nymph tied to your tippet with an improved clinch knot (or your desire).
  2. Depart the tag-end of the knot just a few inches longer than the space you need your fly above the underside.
  3. Make a stop-knot on the finish of the tag-end.
  4. Pinch cut up shot above the stop-knot.

I’ve fished this construct fairly extensively on spring run landlocks and rainbows with nymphs and egg patterns when excessive, quick water means there’s loads of particles to lose flies on. It solely takes about 20 seconds longer to place this construct collectively than to tie on a brand new fly.


Getting the fly all the way down to the fish is a very powerful piece of the puzzle. You’ll want to regulate how a lot weight you employ primarily based on the water sort, depth, present, and so forth.

Too little, and the drift is over earlier than you even hit backside. An excessive amount of, and also you’re extra more likely to get tangled, not really feel a strike, or trigger private harm.

along with simply stacking cut up shot, you may tie a barrel swivel and snap to the tip of the chief the place your stop-knot can be, and easily clip on completely different measurement slinky weights or swivel-sinkers primarily based on the water circumstances.


Leaders for drop shot rigs couldn’t be extra easy. Use a typical tapered chief if you need, or perhaps a straight part of mono will suffice. You received’t have to fret about delicate shows, and the deep, soiled water you’re doubtless to make use of this rig in, means fish will not be too chief shy.

Basically, your general chief needs to be about 1 ½ instances so long as the water is deep — and longer if the water is de facto shifting. An excellent size of multicolored monofilament used as an inline indicator may help detect strikes and hold observe of water depth. Utilizing a tippet ring under your indicator mono means that you can shortly change setups or get better from snags with out having to construct a wholly new chief.


You don’t have to fret about being savaged by a pack of purists the subsequent time you resolve to attempt fishing a drop shot rig — nothing’s hatching when this unhealthy boy is named for.

When you can definitely fish this versatile rig all year long, it is going to be best over different strategies in deep, quick water following winter run-off and heavy rains.

This rig will work for every thing from tiny midge patterns to small streamers. On migratory fish, use egg patterns within the spring or fall to profit from deep swimming pools the place fish are stacked up. For multi-fly rigs you may merely tie on an extra dropper greater up the tippet with a surgeon’s knot, or add a sliding dropper utilizing the tactic described above.

Whereas they can be utilized with an indicator, drop shot rigs are supposed to be fished tight line type — together with your rod held excessive and parallel to the water as you observe the drift. Little or no of the particular fly line needs to be out of the rod guides. Merely drop or solid the rig the place you need it, give a bit slack to let it sink, watch and really feel for a sign that the fly has hit backside, and elevate your rod tip till your chief is nearly taught and you’ll really feel the weights bouncing. Now simply observe the present till the tip of your drift, and toss your rig upstream into the subsequent part to repeat. You possibly can detect strikes when your chief all of the sudden stops brief, straightens out, twitches, otherwise you merely really feel the hit. Strikes might be delicate, so don’t be afraid to set the hook typically and on the finish of each drift. Like many different tight line strategies, it is a fairly low impression rig, so don’t fear an excessive amount of about spooking fish except you occur to membership them with it (oops).


There’s a time and place for a extra delicate and stylish strategy to fly fishing, however generally catching fish is extra necessary than wanting fairly.

To paraphrase the good Kelly Galloup: the perfect nymph fisherman will hit backside as shortly as potential with as little weight as potential. A drop shot rig permits a fly fisherman to perform this with the utmost tactile consciousness, and opens up beforehand unfishable holes often commanded by snaggers and poorly behaved weekend warriors dredging egg sacks. Drop shot rigs won’t look dignified, however they only work. Fly anglers ought to take a web page out of the gear-guys’ playbook and take a look at one for themselves this season.

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