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Five Quick Ways to Improve Your Nymph Fishing

Distilled recommendation of a world champion fly angler. (Matt Harris photograph)

Skinny to win. It’s an often-used phrase, however utilizing thinner flies, tippets, and leaders will scale back interference, enhance your presentation, and increase your success.

Grasp the one fly. Typically fishing with two or three flies is the way in which to go, however in different instances this can be a lot like capturing at a flock as a substitute of selecting out a single chicken. Increasingly in pressured conditions, I depend on the single-fly strategy—it reduces interference, improves the drift, improves take detection, and drives you to cowl your water extra successfully and precisely.

Distill your confidence flies. Boil down your fly containers to incorporate solely your top-producing flies, and carry them in additional weights and extra sizes. If a Perdigon Nymph is your favourite fly, that’s high quality. It’s best to have 4 completely different sizes, and inside every measurement, six completely different weights. A easy fly of the right weight fished correctly typically outperforms a flawless imitation of an inappropriate weight or measurement. For those who’re scared to lose it, it shouldn’t be in your field.

Fish the place others don’t. Push the boundaries of the place you’re keen to throw a fly, from tiny pockets in a raging torrent to the skinniest edge riffle, or beneath the deepest cowl. For those who carry a number of your confidence flies and grasp the ability of selecting the best weight for the water depth, you’ll have the nerve to push the boundaries on the place you’ll be able to fish—and also you’ll catch fish that different individuals handed by. As an additional bonus, these are sometimes the identical spots the place huge fish disguise in pressured waters.

Grow to be a neurotic striker. Even with probably the most refined setups and the very best line management, you will note or really feel solely a small share of the strikes you generate. The previous adage, “Discover an excuse to strike!” is as related with trendy Euro-nymphing ways because it ever has been in fly fishing. I do know one former world champion who, in a troublesome remaining session, efficiently “blind struck” a big share of his fish by setting the hook the place he anticipated a take to return, fairly than ready for the sighter to register a strike. Too typically, by the point the sighter registers a hittable strike, it’s too late. Strike everytime you assume a trout may need that fly in its mouth—even if you happen to don’t see something out of the extraordinary.

One final piece of recommendation I’d like to supply is that—though there may be completely little question that a number of the trendy Euro-nymphing methods are really lethal—they’re like all different strategies. Every technique has a time and a spot—fly fishing calls for greater than a one-size-fits-all strategy.

 I coach and mentor many fly fishers who need to enhance their fishing for pleasure or competitors. It’s shocking what number of of them rely too closely on Euro nymphing in a single type or one other. Dry-fly, dry/dropper, traditional upstream nymphing, and even true soft-hackle (aka North Nation spider) fishing can all upstage even the very best Euro nympher on the suitable day. The very best fly fisher is in the end a well-rounded angler who has mastered the basics of many methods, and is aware of when and the place to implement them.

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