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Fly Fishing for Blitzing False Albacore off North Carolina

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The feed constructed like a gathering storm: Three fish crashing bait right here, a small faculty knifing via the chop over there. Then extra across the boat, and out of the blue the birds appeared as in the event that they’d hatched from the waves like large mayflies—terns and gulls wheeling and diving. The place on the planet did they arrive from? Boats streamed in from inshore and offshore because the false albacore confirmed en masse. Foaming water shut and much, extra birds, extra bait, extra boats, extra the whole lot. 

My buddy Steve Love crouched on the casting deck, rocking within the slop. With a lot bait and a lot chop, the albies shed their typical aversion to the boat, showering silversides all the best way to the hull, slashing bait inside an arm’s attain.

The writer reeling in an albie (left). A false albacore being launched (proper). Nick Roberts

Fish on prime, fish on the sonar, fish throughout. On the radio, a information cackled via the static: “May very well be THE albacore blitz of the season!” Nobody answered, bent to the duty of placing hooks into false albacore.

That is what I’d hoped and deliberate for, why my kitchen desk at residence had been reworked right into a fly-tying bench for weeks, why I’d labored late and early to satisfy my deadlines and hoarded gasoline cash for the outboard: the wild abandon of a full-blown false albacore feed. 

For my working trip, I’d relocated to the North Carolina coast, however the false albacore season is a scene up and down a lot of the East Coast at one time or one other. Simply because the leaves flip colour and the bucks are on the transfer, cooling water pulls clouds of baitfish out of the Pamlico, Albemarle, Core, and Bogue sounds. It’s a free-for-all of silversides, anchovies, and menhaden, and the false albacore patrol the seaside, corralling bait, ready for no matter change it’s that turns them on and steers them to the floor. In years previous I’ve ping-ponged between attempting to catch albies and attempting to kill deer and geese, however this yr I turned away from serving a number of masters and went all in on fly fishing for albacore. For 10 days, I’ll work when it’s blowing and fish when it’s not.

The Season: Welcome to Fall’s Craziest Fishing
The writer stripping in some line. Nick Roberts

Blitz or Bust

“There he’s!” Love hollered from the boat, however it was an pointless announcement. When a false albacore hits the fly and feels the hook, there’s just one place it desires to be—the far facet of the horizon. That first blistering run of an albacore on the fly is the dependancy, however these first 5 seconds after the hit are when the whole lot that may go unsuitable can go unsuitable quick.

Love grips the 9-weight and holds it away from his physique, because the coils of fly line rip via the guides. It’s a frantic dance to free the road from the deck and round his toes, for there’s no stopping the green-backed freight practice operating for its life. It’s solely when the road goes tight and the fish is on the reel and the drag zings and whines that he seems to be round and catches my eye that the expression on his face tells the story: Unreal.

The Season: Welcome to Fall’s Craziest Fishing
A handful of vomited baitfish (left). Angler Steve Love (proper). T. Edward Nickens

The bizarre factor was, 24 hours earlier I used to be skunked on the identical piece of water. Simply the day earlier than, I met the solar rising over Cape Lookout and ran 30 miles chasing popcorn fish—these aggravating situations of albies surface-feeding for a second or three, then vanishing. I used to be alone on the boat, operating up and down the seaside and seeing fish rise and disappear endlessly, hour after hour. Even the guides had been lamenting. On the radio, guides groused in regards to the lack of bait, the dearth of a feed, the dearth of motion. On Instagram that night time, a number of digital back-slaps:

Robust slog immediately.

Impressed by my anglers they by no means gave up.

A dispiriting day. However what a distinction a day makes. And a wind change. And no matter flips the change for these fish. Three hours of nonstop loopy, then the tide ends with the boat splattered in fish blood and projectile-vomited baitfish. The console was awash with shattered flies and lengths of sheared chief. There have been even beers left intact within the cooler—a particular signal of an epic day.

These are the presents of November, the hinge within the nice turning from autumn to winter. The Northern Hemisphere leans away from the solar. The times wane and funky. Birds, fish, bears, bugs—the entire wild senses the shift. And on the North Carolina coast, for these struck with albie fever, it’s now or by no means and there’s no time to waste: The rifle opener for deer is however two weeks away.

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