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Lipless Crankbait Fishing Ditches for Prespawn Bass – Wired2Fish

Bass fishing will be inconsistent through the prespawn, particularly when chilly fronts hit. Florida bass fishing hammer Tyler Woolcott explains the place to search out bass throughout prespawn chilly fronts and methods to fish lipless crankbaits to dredge them up.

Cooling air temps and high-pressure drive bass from the shallows into deeper ditches on shallow lakes, reservoir creek arms, and rivers. Woolcott lands on an excellent faculty of high quality bass in a ditch advanced that drains expansive prespawn flats. A lipless crankbait is the right lure for working the deeper water.

Woolcott employs a yo-yo retrieve, ripping grass on the upswing and producing the majority of the bites on the autumn. An extended rod with a reasonable taper is right for attaining lengthy casts, clearing grass from the lure, and offering higher leverage for strong hookups.


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