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Minnesota Muskie Lure Shopping Made Easy

Fashionable sports activities shops characteristic aisle after aisle of fishing lures and the abundance might be intimidating.

That is significantly true for these moving into muskellunge fishing. Muskellunge lures are available in many alternative sizes, types and colours, and the most well-liked lures typically price greater than $25. Because of this, it’s simple to spend $100 and have however three or 4 lures to point out for it.

So, what lures do you have to purchase if you wish to begin muskellunge fishing?

My suggestion is to maintain it easy. Do that by deciding on a single lure from every of 4 widespread lure classes. That is a cheap strategy to fill your sort out field with a wide range of lures. As you add to your assortment be certain that to have each medium and huge lures and shiny and pure colours. Don’t miss our ‘ought to know’ on Muskie fishing in Minnesota.


A big spinnerbait is a superb lure as a result of it creates flash and vibration that entice prey-seeking muskellunge. A spinnerbait options shiny steel blades that spin like a propeller when the lure is reeled via the water. Spinnerbaits are available in two primary varieties: “in-line” and “security pin,” the previous due to its linear look and the latter because of its security pin form. A spinnerbait is simple to solid and might be trolled too. A security pin spinnerbait with a single up-turned hook is right for casting over and into weedbeds as a result of it’s nearly weedless. Many muskellunge anglers nonetheless fish with the traditional bucktail spinner whereas others want these with marabou or tinsel skirting.

Topwater Bait

A topwater bait is a floor lure. It attracts fish by making a commotion on the floor. Some lures have propellers. Some have tail sections that rotate and splash. Some are designed to duplicate a dying or injured fish when jerked or popped via the water. The three primary forms of topwater lures are walk-the-dog baits, prop baits, and creeper baits. Topwater lures are enjoyable to fish, partly, as a result of strikes on the floor are a blast to behold. They’re significantly enjoyable to fish in calm shallow water.


Crankbaits are one other go-to selection for muskellunge anglers as a result of they mimic giant baitfish. Crankbaits are available in many sizes and shapes however are mainly a hard-bodied lure – with or with no diving lip – that wobbles in a natural-looking manner when retrieved. Crankbaits are sensible choice for fishing over rocky construction or alongside weed edges. Crankbaits might be trolled, too, making them a very good possibility once you wish to cowl lots of water in a short while.


Rubber baits and tender plastic baits are more and more widespread for fishing deep water. These sinking lures, a few of which weigh as much as three-quarters of a pound, typically characteristic lengthy serpentine tails. Rubberbaits might be fished in a wide range of methods. Some anglers want a straight retrieve. Some reel-in with a pull-pause-pull method, which mimics a dying baitfish because it rises and falls. Others wish to vertical jig these large lures. As with different lures, experiment along with your retrieves and decide what works for you and the fish.

As of late many muskellunge anglers have dozens upon dozens of lures. Nonetheless, you are able to do properly with far fewer. If you happen to personal one or two of every of these kinds of baits you might be seemingly in good condition for many muskellunge waters. They’re prefect companions to a stout rod with a bait-casting reel, heavy braided line of 50-pound check or extra and a foot-long metal or fluorocarbon chief between your line and your lure. You have to a pacesetter as a result of muskellunge have razor sharp enamel that may simply slice via your line.

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