Modern Midges: 12 Fly Recipes

The authors amassed greater than 1,000 fly patterns and recipes, together with detailed data on how you can tie them, from a few of the world’s finest tiers in Japan, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Croatia, Slovakia, England, the U.S., and elsewhere, for his or her e-book, Trendy Midges

After we began fishing collectively on the South Platte River close to Deckers, Colorado, we by no means thought that the tiny however plentiful midge was going to turn into such an necessary a part of our fly-fishing lives.

However as we gained expertise on the Frying Pan, San Juan, and different Rocky Mountain tailwaters, we turned immersed in all features of midge fishing. We devoted greater than 20 years and lots of hours and days to study as a lot as attainable concerning the strategies, gear, presentation methods, and fly patterns of the diminutive world of midges and the trout that eat them.

Our research of chironomid entomology led to years of experimentation on the vise, and collectively we developed greater than 100 revolutionary patterns that represented the assorted phases of the midge life cycle. We quickly realized that many different midge anglers have been on the identical quest, and our discussions with fellow midge fishers quickly turned considered one of our primary avenues of discovering new patterns. Through the years, many buddies have shared with us their most fun cutting-edge larva, pupa, and grownup midge imitations.

Our years of parking-lot networking—with fly bins flung open—have been fulfilling however didn’t appear one of the simplest ways to share the mixed data of midge fishing. So, a number of years in the past we determined to jot down a e-book and we started contacting our like-minded buddies, in addition to fly tiers we met on-line, or have learn or heard about.

Our fellow midge anglers gladly obliged, sharing samples and recipes of their favourite midge patterns. We quickly amassed greater than 1,000 fly patterns, together with detailed data on how you can tie them, from a few of the world’s finest tiers in Japan, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Croatia, Slovakia, England, the U.S., and elsewhere.

This text incorporates simply 12 of the 1,000 patterns we’ve collected. They aren’t the very best, and even our favorites (it’s so laborious to select!), however they do signify the range and ingenuity we’ve discovered within the minuscule world of midge fishing.

Why So Many Midge Flies? 

There are greater than 100 midge species in North America alone, and it’s extremely possible that every one streams and stillwaters include midges. Trout are at all times looking out for this meals supply, particularly in seasons when different insect hatches will not be occurring. Some streams and stillwaters include enormous midge numbers, and trout in these environments feed on them virtually solely.

As with most aquatic bugs, midges have a number of life phases that each fly fishers and trout acknowledge: larva, pupa, and grownup; plus two transitional phases, emerger and cluster. Every midge life stage is necessary to trout, and fly fishers want patterns to mimic all phases and each colour section present in nature.

Riwaka Brassie

Modern Midges
John Nichols, New Zealand

HOOK: #14-20 Tiemco 2457.
THREAD: Black 8/0 Uni-Thread.
BODY: Crimson and inexperienced Extremely Wire wrapped collectively.
WING: Small tuft of Z-lon.
THORAX: Grey and inexperienced rabbit fur, blended.

Deep Buzzer

Modern Midges
Henk Verhaar, Netherlands

HOOK: #10-16 Tiemco 2457.
THREAD: Black 8/0.
BODY: Tying thread.
RIB: Silver holographic tinsel.
THORAX: Tying thread over wire.
WINGCASE: Grey Swiss straw.
GILLS: White Z-lon.
Be aware: Cowl the fly physique with nail polish.

Clearwater Pupa

Modern Midges
Phil Rowley, British Columbia

HOOK: #8-16 Mustad C49S.
THREAD: Olive 8/0.
RIB: Superb copper, silver, or gold wire.
BODY: Stillwater Options Midge Braid (olive).
WINGCASE: Mylar peacock/orange.
THORAX: Tying thread.
GILLS: Stillwater Options Midge Gill.

Inexperienced & Crimson Larva

Modern Midges
Brian Chan, British Columbia

HOOK: #10-14 Mustad C53S or Tiemco 2302.
THREAD: Crimson 8/0 Uni-Thread.
RIB: Small silver Extremely Wire.
UNDERBODY: Brilliant inexperienced Flashabou.
OVERBODY: Crimson Midge Stretch Floss.

Suspender Buzzer

Modern Midges
Peter Durisik, Slovakia

HOOK: #10-12 Dohiku G 644BL.
THREAD: Black 8/0.
ABDOMEN: Tying thread.
BUTT: Fluorescent orange 70-denier Extremely Thread.
RIB: Pearl Flashabou.
THORAX: Crimson 70-denier Extremely Thread.
Be aware: Coat physique with Sally Hansen Exhausting As Nails clear nail polish.

“O” Shoot Grownup Midge Crimson

Modern Midges
Scott Stisser, Colorado

HOOK: #18-24 Tiemco 2487.
THREAD: Crimson 6/0 Uni-Thread.
BODY: Tying thread.
RIB: Silver Lagartun wire (wonderful).
WING: Mylar tinsel.
POST: White poly yarn.
HACKLE: Black ostrich.
THORAX: Black dubbing.

Beadhead Latex Pupa

Modern Midges
Rick Takahashi, Colorado

HOOK: #18-24 Tiemco 2457.
BEAD: Black dimension 15 Japanese seed bead.
THREAD: White 8/0 Uni-Thread.
BODY: Latex coloured with olive Chartpak marker.
WING PADS: Rust goose biot.
COLLAR: Peacock Ice Dub.

Midgling Root Beer

Modern Midges
Mike Mercer, California

HOOK: #16-20 Tiemco 2457 or 2487.
THREAD: Brown 8/0.
BEAD: Root beer.
TAIL: Pearl Angel Hair.
UNDERBODY: Pearl Krystal Flash.
BODY: Brown Midge Tubing.
WINGCASE: Pearl Krystal Flash.
COLLAR: Brown ostrich herl.

Punk Rojo

Modern Midges
Kelli Sandoval, New Mexico

HOOK: #18-22 Daiichi 1273.
THREAD: Crimson 70-denier Extremely Thread.
BODY: Tying thread.
RIB: Black small Extremely Wire.
COLLAR: Peacock herl.

Olive Brown Chironomid Pupa

Modern Midges
Brian Yamauchi, Colorado

HOOK: #10-16 Tiemco 2302.
THREAD: White 17/0 Uni-Thread.
BODY: Latex strip.
RIB: Further wonderful gold Lagartun wire.
THORAX: Tying thread coloured with marker.
WING BUDS: Black Microfibetts, melted.
Be aware: Coat the whole physique with UV Knot Sense.

Parachute Emerger

Modern Midges
Roy Christie, England

HOOK: #12-16 Drennan Sedge.
THREAD: Pearsall’s silk to match the pure.
GILLS: Clear Antron.
THORAX: Brown Superfine dubbing.
HACKLE: Grizzly dyed sunburst yellow.
BODY: Mom-of-pearl Mylar, lacquered.

Midge Parachute

Modern Midges
Noritaka Osada, Japan

HOOK: #19-23 Tiemco 212Y.
THREAD: Black 16/0.
POST: Pink Aero Dry Wing.
RIB: Superb black monofilament thread.
BODY: Tan 16/0 thread.
THORAX: Artificial peacock.

Rick Takahashi is an illustrator, Umpqua Feather Retailers fly designer, and common Fly Fisherman contributor. Jerry Hubka is a business artist and retired artwork instructor. Their e-book Trendy Midges: Tying and Fishing the World’s Most Efficient Patterns (Headwater Books) was revealed in September 2009.

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