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The 5 Best Ways To Rig A Soft Plastic Craw (Video)

For good cause, gentle plastic craws are among the many hottest bass fishing lures. Craws are one of the predominant sorts of forage for bass and gentle plastic craws will be fished in many alternative methods. On this video, TightLineTV breaks down his prime 5 methods to rig a gentle plastic craw!

Let’s Take A Deeper Dive At The 5 Methods To Rig A Crawfish Gentle Plastic:

1) EWG Hook

Texas Rigging a craw bait on an Further Huge Hole hook lets you fish your baits by heavy cowl like grass, wooden, docks, and rocks. Pair your Texas-rigged EWG with a light-weight jig head to permit the craw bait to fall slowly to the underside whereas the legs slowly dangle. Modify your weight relying on present, depth, and canopy however most individuals use weights ranging anyplace from 1/8-3/4 oz.

2) Shaky Head Jig

Crawfish nestle themselves in between rocks and hardbottom areas and you may simply mimic their motion with a shaky head jig and craw-style gentle plastic. Typically, shaky heads are greatest fished in water that ranges deeper than 10 toes and when fish feed on the underside.

3) Flipping & Punching Rig

Heavy braided line, beefy tungsten bullet weights, and a craw bait is the essential starter pack for punching grass mats for largemouth bass. Utilizing a slender creature bait with minimal appendages works greatest in thick grass while you want your bait to slip by any potential hang-ups.

On A Skirted Jig

Sliding a craw bait on the again of a skirted bass jig is a straightforward method to bulk up your presentation with a practical profile. As you drag, hop, or swim the jig again to you, the baits appendages will likely be kicking, swimming, flapping forwards and backwards. This motion will assist mimic each crawfish when labored close to the underside, or baitfish when it’s introduced again with a gentle retrieve.

Bladed Jigs (Chatterbait)

Most anglers may select the basic chatterbait trailer just like the Yamamoto Zako or the 10,000 Fish Yoto Worm. Nonetheless, gentle baits just like the BioSpawn VileCrawalso postpone an attractive motion.

Karl’s Favourite Craw Baits

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