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Top 5 Ice Fishing Jigs & Lures

There are many ice fishing lures and jigs to select from, so how do you decide the fitting one? If you’re a newbie, there are some basic lure mixtures that each avid ice angler has of their sort out field. Begin with the elemental lures. These are my high 5 ice fishing jigs and lures which have traditionally produced fish over the past decade. All these lure mixtures might be present in our Tailored Tackle Ice Fishing Kit.

1. Tungsten Jig with Delicate Plastic:

Tungsten jigs are nice for concentrating on bluegill. These specialty jigs fish quick as a result of they’re denser and subsequently heavier than lead jigs, even in a smaller measurement. Small and quick is nice for subtly jigging bluegill. I tip this jig with a pink euro-larvae tender plastic and some reside euro-larvae spikes.

2. Diamond Jig with Delicate Plastic:

A diamond jig in firetiger inexperienced is dynamite for crappie and trout, particularly when it’s tipped with an identical chartreuse plastic. This neon presentation calls in roaming fish and stands out at night time. The bigger profile of this mix helps filter out smaller fish to deal with the trophies. I prefer to tip it with a single reside wax worm for scent.

3. Demon Jig with Stay Bait:

My go to reside bait lure, a demon jig is the mixture of a spoon profile and a jig head. This lets you name in fish with the flashiness of a spoon whereas nonetheless presenting a full reside minnow. Both jig your reside bait or set it up beneath a useless stick or tip-up. Our demon jig has a glow backside that calls in fish at night time whereas jigged or sitting nonetheless. I take advantage of full minnows to focus on walleye and pike.

4. Curved Flutter Spoon:

An amazing possibility for calling in fish in clear water, the curved flutter spoon displays mild whereas it drops within the water column. Connect a snap to the tip for max flutter motion. As an alternative of jigging the spoon in place, elevate the lure up two to a few toes and let it drop. I prefer to tip the treble hook with a minnow head for concentrating on walleye and trout.

5. Jigging Lure:

The jigging lure calls in massive fish from afar. A firetiger jigging lure does nice in stained water and pulls in fish at night time. Rapidly snap the lure up one to 2 toes. The fins on the again of the lure trigger it to glide in a circle after a fast snap. This round movement calls in massive fish and mimics a wounded baitfish. I prefer to tip the treble hook with a minnow head and the tail hook with a minnow tail. That is my go-to lake trout and northern pike lure.

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