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Where and How to Catch Blue Catfish in Rivers

Blue catfish are generally present in rivers, giant impoundments, and within the large water under these impoundments. In these areas, that are wealthy with forage, they will develop extraordinarily giant.

What Blue Catfish Eat

Step one in figuring out the best way to catch blue catfish is to grasp what they eat, and particularly what’s most plentiful regionally. This will fluctuate by location; the higher elements of some rivers are strictly freshwater whereas the decrease reaches are brackish leaning to larger salinity within the estuary.

Extremely omnivorous, blue catfish eat numerous specious of fish in addition to crabs, clams, crayfish, and snails. Assorted shad and herring species are a major meals in locations the place they exist. Blue crabs are additionally a well-liked merchandise in brackish environments, partly as a result of they’re typically plentiful. Blue catfish bait contains stay and lifeless pure baits (entire or chunked/minimize), even rotten ones, in addition to the smelliest stink bait concoctions, rooster elements, robust cheeses, and extra.

The place Blues Are Discovered

The world under a dam, with gouged holes and turbulent water, is usually a chief place to seek out blue catfish, particularly a deep gap just under a hump. The riprap alongside shorelines under a dam can be good, particularly early within the season. Deep holes and swimming pools all through a river are prime blue catfish habitat.

Learn how to Catch Blue Catfish

Atop the listing of blue catfish fishing suggestions could be this: fishing on the underside is crucial. Sure, this species is typically caught suspended within the water column, however that’s removed from the norm. Be sure your displays are on the underside.

As a result of blue catfish are backside dwellers and backside feeders, and are particularly tailored to smelling forage, lures are a lot much less efficient than pure or processed bait. Additionally, nonetheless fishing or drifting with bait are probably to provide fish.

In a river most anglers anchor upstream of the place to be fished and fish a bait immediately downstream, utilizing a heavy sufficient weight to remain on the underside. That is typically known as backside bouncing. Completely different sinker types will be employed, a few of which slide freely on the road. Normally there can be a 2-foot chief from the sinker (or swivel under the sinker) to the hook.

Hold Slack Out of the Line

When a catfish takes the bait there’s often a momentary slackening of stress on the rod tip. That is when it’s best to decrease the tip 12 to 18 inches, reel shortly, and set the hook.

Going catfishing quickly? Ensure you have your fishing license.


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